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We believe in solving real world problems with thoughtfully designed products.


The flat file CMS that makes building websites fun again.

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Meet Statamic

Our flagship product. Our pride and joy.
A flat file CMS that will make you a hero to your clients.

We built Statamic to make building and maintaining simple websites fun again, and it's only continued to grow ever since. In fact, we recently launched v2, a ground up rewrite on Laravel. Check it out!

Onward to Statamic

About the Team

Wilderborn grew out of the Statamic team in the year two thousand and fourteen in order to tackle solving a wider variety of problems with digital solutions. We're a remote team with teammates residing comfortably and happily in Upstate New York, England, and Florida.

We design and build websites and applications and run one heck of a whiskey and beef jerky tasting event.

We've worked with companies and brands from the Fortune 100 to the corner store. We love it all and don't feel the need to name drop.

Jack The Yankee
Jason The Aussie
Gareth The Brit